Family Ministry Map 

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How to Read This

First, don’t let this graphic intimidate you. The main thing I want you to take away from this is that we are partnering with you to take your child somewhere—we have a strategy. We have a mission and goals for each child who walks through our doors. This map is a broad overview—the big picture—of where your child is headed at Downtown and how they will get there. You can read more about that below under About Our Family Ministry Map. My hope is that this map will be a tool that will keep all of us on the same page as we partner together to disciple our children at Downtown.

– Cameron Bibb, Downtown Family Pastor

About Our Family Ministry Map

When you set out to travel to a destination you need a map to get you there. Otherwise you might spend a lot of wasted time going down dead ends and taking the long way. At Downtown we want you to know that we are intentional about where we take your child on their journey of discipleship.

We want each child who journeys through our ministry to know they are loved by God and that they are created in the image of God. We want them to love God with all their being and to love their neighbor. We believe these emphases will give each child, kid, youth, student a better future, one that is full and lived not just for themselves but for God and others. Our curriculum and structure enables us to communicate and actualize our mission and goals according to the current developmental phase of each child in order to leverage the unique potential of each phase.

Milestone Celebrations

On the map you will see certain milestones: baptism, first day of school, Wonderfully Made, Confirmation, driver’s license, and graduation. These are significant points of celebration in your child’s life celebrated not only by your family but by your church family as well. We celebrate these milestone achievements with you.