In the Prayer Room

Sometimes, during the rush of life we need a Holy Space to quiet our minds and draw near to God.  First United Methodist Church’s prayer room could become a Holy Space for you during these busy times.  It is located in room 109 on the first floor and is accessible any time the church office is open and any time the church building is open.  During office hours just ring the bell at the parking lot entrance and announce who you are and that you want to go to the prayer room.  The staff or volunteer will let you in. 

The altar is open for personal prayer and quiet time with God. Material will be available to guide you in intercession for the church, congregational needs and our military personal. 

It will also offer changing “prayer centers” designed to focus your prayers through the use of music, symbols, written devotionals and other media.

Currently in the Prayer Room:

Through the season of Lent the Prayer Room will focus on the last words of Jesus.

These words are precious and for centuries have drawn people to a deeper understanding of Jesus’ GREAT LOVE. Come experience the power of these words, meditate on their meaning for you personally, and pray for yourself and for the world God so loved.

Prayer Guide: Seven Last Words of Jesus


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