Act 2: Downtown for Good

Our year of listening, formally in meetings and informally in conversations, confirmed that the Downtown community loves Jesus, each other, and worshiping downtown in our sanctuary. These times of sharing also revealed opportunities to care for our history-rich facilities and support our journey to be Downtown for Good with two areas of focus: improved accessibility and greater hospitality.

Two teams of members worked closely with Downtown Trustees and Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects to identify 1) detailed maintenance needs and 2) possible redesigns and improved use of current spaces to make our Downtown facilities more accessible and hospitable.

Noted below is a high-level list of the redesign, renovation, and maintenance projects being proposed:


     ⋅ Welcoming Area and back entrance
     ⋅ Porte Cochere (all season, covered entrance)
     ⋅ Playground and fencing
     ⋅ Restrooms near sanctuary and in the nursery

Upgrades and Renovations:

     ⋅ Basement Rooms: #1, #2, men’s restroom, and music suite refresh
     ⋅ Fellowship Hall – refresh and upgrades to lighting and flooring
     ⋅ Gathering Hall refresh
     ⋅ HVAC (boiler) upgrades and repairs
     ⋅ Organ and pipes upgrade
     ⋅ Sanctuary refresh (carpet, balcony safety railing, and some wood refinishing)

This Fall our Act 2 leadership team shared these recommendations in order to be transparent about their considerations and to gather additional thoughts and insights. The final proposed projects, which reflect that input, are summarized in this brochure [pdf].